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Helpful Tips

The Kentucky Limousine Association wants Kentucky’s residents to have a safe experience when hiring a limousine or bus company to provide transportation.

While Kentucky boasts an impressive number of reliable and reputable limousine and bus companies, you will likely find a number of companies that operate without proper safety inspections, licensing and insurance for the vehicles, and some have chauffeurs that do not even posses a driver’s license.  You should do proper due diligence when selecting a limousine or bus company – after all, the safety of you, your guests, or your children depend on it.

You can view the list of limousine and bus companies authorized to provide service in Kentucky by clicking the button below:

It is illegal for you to hire an unauthorized transportation company according to KRS 281.615 – be careful!
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Other Helpful Tips:

  • When considering a company, ask them for their physical address – you should exercise caution if they won’t provide it or if they won’t let you visit their office to look at a vehicle

  • Word of mouth reputation – do you know someone that has used the company that you are considering? 

  • If you are searching for prom service – does the company use a written Student/Parent Prom contract?

  • If you are requesting pick up from an airport, check to be sure that the company has proper credentials, if necessary.  Louisville International (SDF) and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky (CVG) require special permits.  You should exercise caution if the company you are considering suggests that you meet a chauffeur in an area away from the designated passenger pick up area.


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