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Every limousine company operating in the state of Kentucky must fulfill certain requirements in order to provide ground transportation service. These requirements help ensure the safety of the company's passengers.

It is illegal for you to hire an unauthorized transportation company according to KRS 281.615 – be careful!
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The following is a listing of the minimum requirements for operating a limousine or bus company in the state of Kentucky. Many Kentucky municipalities have their own requirements in addition to the state and federal requirements.

State Requirements (Kentucky)

  • Must have Limousine plate on front of vehicle, begins with "LM" a Bus plate on rear of vehicle, where regular license plate normally is, if carrying 16 or more passengers

  • $1,500,000 Insurance policy on limousines, vans, sedans

  • $5,000,000 Insurance policy on buses (16 or more passengers)

Federal Requirements

  • Same insurance requirements listed above for vehicles

  • Yearly accident reporting

  • Display DOT identification numbers on vehicles

You may check the status of any federally authorized limousine or bus company at http://safer.fmcsa, 

You may also want to check a limousine or bus company's status with the Better Business Bureau - here is the link for Kentucky's BBB 

Please be careful and selective when choosing your limousine or bus company.


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